Continuing Exploration

One of the “Quaker things” that has deep meaning for me is our expectation of continuing revelation. I’ve always resonated with the idea that the Divine and the earthly are in a perpetual state of continuing revelation. I believe that we must pay attention, listen, and be open to transformation if we trust in continuing revelation.

In the spirit of continuing revelation, I invite you to read this editorial section of our regularly scheduled Gathering Updates that I’m calling Continuing Exploration. Here I will share my observations, reflections, and contemplations on the future of the Gathering. 

The last two years have been an invitation and an opening for transformation. At FGC, the pandemic forced us to engage with and embrace transformational ideas and actions that were previously on our menu, but definitely at a slow simmer on the back burner. Some examples are implementing pay-as-led, Gathering online, and leaning more deeply into FGC’s commitment to transforming into an actively antiracist faith community. Since the Virtual Gathering in 2020, we’ve had to make these hopes, wishes, and ideas practical realities. And frankly, it made us better. More accessible, more diverse, more whole. 

I’ve come to understand that what I first thought of as a barrier (taking the Gathering online in 2020) was actually way opening. It was the Divine inviting us to transformation. It was and is continuing revelation, and for me, a continuing exploration.

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