Ellie Rosenberg

Ellie’s mom, Esther Darlington, Ellie and Irena Rosenberg

Ellie Rosenberg of Ithaca Friends Meeting first attended the FGC Gathering as a child with her parents—just as her mother did and her grandparents before her. Today, Ellie attends with her wife and daughter.

She remembers her childhood summers at the Gathering in Cape May and listening to the spiritual and political discussions of the adults around her. She felt deeply respected and part of the community, an impact that has stayed with her into adulthood.

Ellie’s parents and grandparents worked against racism and for social justice while striving to follow Spirit’s leadings. Like her family, Ellie believes our purpose is to build heaven on earth here and now following God’s leadings as discerned by our loving Quaker community. She’s excited by FGC’s anti-racism work and holds it as a process of continuing revelation.

Ellie volunteers with Junior Gathering, which she describes as a growing, caring, and safe environment for kids. Ellie’s daughter, now 20, participated in Junior Gathering. It’s a place she says to explore Quaker spirituality, ask questions, and build relationships with other kids. 

Ellie has been spiritually supported by the Gathering in many ways and is thankful to be a part of the deeply spirit-led and loving Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns Community (FLGBTQC)

The spiritual nurturing Ellie’s family has experienced through the generations continues and is available for newcomers, large and small monthly and yearly meetings, convinced and unconvinced Friends.

FGC’s programs and services exist to serve everyone, and as Ellie reminds us, strengthens Quaker faith through the generations:

“I have found that ‘God is love’ is true and it’s true at FGC—not in a nicey-nicey sense,

but in a stretching, overwhelmingly caring for people in the world and nature sense.

I’m grateful for FGC being part of my family’s history and for all it does today.”

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