Making a Gift in your Will

One of the easiest ways to support FGC is through your Will. You can pick a dollar amount or percentage. Some Friends choose to leave FGC the remainder of their estates after providing for their heirs. You can name FGC in the Will you are creating or by updating your existing Will.

If you have already named FGC in your Will, please let us know!

Why I’ve been led to include FGC in my will

“Throughout my years of service within the extended family of FGC, I have experienced a loving community of deep friendships with an openness to listen deeply for Spirit’s leading and to encourage others on their spiritual journey,” shares Marian Beane of North Carolina.

“I am grateful for these opportunities that have proved to be a grounding for my own journey, and served as an encouragement in my home and yearly meeting.”

FGC has been important for Marian’s spiritual journey. And because Marian wants others to experience that same grounding and encouragement in the future, she has chosen to include FGC in her will.

FGC is grateful to Marian, and all Friends, who have created a legacy gift. To learn how you can support future Friends in their spiritual journeys, call Faith Josephs at 215-561-1700 x3004.

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