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Your Dollars Make a Difference

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If you share our hope for the expansion and deepening of the Religious Society of Friends, invest your philanthropic dollars in FGC. Join us in our work of strengthening meetings, expanding Quaker presence, and keeping Quaker wisdom and practices vital and available to members and seekers throughout the United States and Canada. Your dollars make a difference. Our generous donors have enabled FGC’s programs and ministries to flourish, touching lives and inspiring change. We invite you to join this community of individuals, meetings, and foundations whose support is helping FGC revitalize the Religious Society of Friends. Thank you!

FGC has started a campaign feasibility study to learn whether we might be able to endow the Gathering and expand the impact of our highest priority programs. Learn more here.

Turn your dollars into ministries with a gift to FGC’s Annual Fund. Your contribution will help make possible the vital FGC projects, services, and ministries that serve meetings and nurture the spiritual journeys of individual seekers and Friends.

Express how much Quaker faith and FGC matter to you. A legacy gift to FGC lets you manage your assets, meet financial planning goals, and support a vital Quaker faith for Friends and meetings large and small.

What constitutes a major gift varies from donor to donor. FGC receives major gifts that range from $500 to $500,000. Explore which method of major giving might work well for you.

Contributions to FGC support our programs and ministries for seekers, Friends, and meetings. Directly and indirectly, donations pay for all FGC programs except the Gathering (which supports itself primarily with registration fees). Our commitment to good stewardship and transparency includes answering your questions and providing you with information on how we manage our programs.