Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Pre-Gathering Events

This information is about the 2017 Gathering. Check back in mid-December 2017 for information specific to the 2018 Gathering at the University of Toledo.

Follow the links below to see more details and costs for these events. Gathering registrants may add pre-Gathering events to their registrations through June 10. New registrants may not register for a Pre-Gathering event after June 22. Drop-in participation is possible for the AYF retreat only, and drop-in's will be charged the retreat fee. Anyone bringing youth 18 and under should read about Pre-Gathering Events and Children.

Retreat for People of Color and their Families: An opportunity for People of Color and multiracial families to come together to share their Quaker experience and create a supportive community in preparation for and throughout the Gathering. Open only to Friends staying for the Gathering as full-time or half-Gathering registrants.

Seeking Joy as Quaker Business People (Quakers & Business Conference): When we approach business as ministry or witness, where do we encouter spiritual joy among practical challenges? Come join us as we delve into the business of work and joy. (Friday-Sunday) Open to Gathering registrants and also those not staying for the Gathering.

Adult Young Friends Retreat: Grown-Up Skills: Who Was Supposed to Teach This?? Adult Young Friends (age 18-35-ish) will hold a one day retreat to continue building our community. Growing edges happen everywhere. As adults we navigate from dependence to independence and to the ever-growing interdependence within our community. The AYF pre-retreat will address key skills that enable us to live into changing spaces. Please join us Saturday July 1. Open only to Friends staying for the Gathering as full-time or half-Gathering registrants.