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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Friends Meetings in the North Central U.S.


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More details can be found in the links on the sidebar along with the actual publications.

NYM e-News

The e-News is our mechanism for sharing information about  NYM events, announcements and other important news. All clerks and meeting representatives should be receiving the e-News and sharing as appropriate for those not receiving the e-News individually. Please submit items to [email protected], generally by the 25th of each month for email delivery on the 1st of the following month. If you're not sure whether an item is appropriate, send it and we'll let you know! Subscribe here. The first e-News was published April 2018 and we hope to continue monthly. 

NYM Journal - NEW!

For the first issue (Winter/Spring 2019) we invite you to submit articles by January 10, 2019 to [email protected].

The Journal is different from the e-News. It will feature more than just facts – so keep reading the NYM e-News for upcoming events, announcements and resources. Reflections, personal insights, analysis of significant concepts, even the evaluation of life itself will all be part of the Journal. Since it will be published publicly on the website for the world to see, permission must be granted to include names, images or personal information (a form will be available soon). Meetings and Worship Groups will receive paper copies in the mail; but individuals will receive the Journal electronically, in an easy-to-print format, unless they specifically request paper copies.

NYM Faith & Practice

Published 2017—available as a book, e-book or free download. See Related post for details.

Back issues of Newsletters

Newsletters through April 2017 have been sent to the NYM mailing list by email or postal mail. Back issues are visible on this site if you are logged in and approved as a site member. 

Session Minute Books

Includes minutes and related reports from Interim Sessions and Annual Session, State of Society Reports submitted by NYM meetings and worship groups, and Annual Session epistle. Sent to NYM mailing list by email or mail. Also visible on this site if you are logged in with NYM site member access.

Individual Session Minutes are also available if you are logged in with NYM site member access.

Annual Session Epistles

Spirited representations of many aspects of NYM’s annual session, created by volunteers appointed at annual session. See Related post.

For the first issue (Winter/Spring) we invite you to submit articles by January 10, 2019 to:

[email protected].