BookMusings: February 2017

In this issue, LVM Shelton reviews The Third Reconstruction.

Seeds That Change The World: Essays on Quakerism, Spirituality, Faith, and Culture

Quaker Press of FGC is pleased to announce its first new release in almost four years – Debbie Humphries’ Seeds that Change the World: Essays on Quakerism, Spirituality, Faith, and Culture.

BookMusings: January 2017

In this issue, Max Carter reviews “Discovering Humor in the Bible.” Plus – meet six activists worth knowing for 2017 and celebrate Rufus Jones’ birthday!

BookMusings: December 2016

In this issue, Ellen Michaud reviews Philip Gulley’s latest venture into Hope.

BookMusings: November 2016

The autumn and winter holiday seasons are a wonderful time to focus on who and what is important to us, and who we are as Friends.

QuakerBooks Updates: November 2016

New business hours, an exciting new opportunity for Friends who are called to the ministry of supporting independent bookstores, and a new reading list for Friends and their loved ones as they prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

BookMusings: October 2016

In this edition of BookMusings, we’re looking at how faith influences the way we understand and relate to the world around us.

BookMusings: September 2016

As we await the first crisp hints of fall, it’s delightful to anticipate the good books we’ll curl up with as the days get colder.

BookMusings: August 2016

With our shiny website makeover, and new bookstore manager, QuakerBooks is invigorated for the end of summer and prepared for the start of fall.

Samantha Wilson Welcomed as QuakerBooks of FGC Manager

FGC is pleased to welcome Samantha Wilson as Manager of QuakerBooks of FGC.

BookMusings: July 2016 eNewsletter

For all of you who’ve been joining us at the FGC Gathering in Minnesota, we hope you’ve had a great time, and for those elsewhere we hope you’re having a lovely summer so far.

BookMusings: June 2016 eNewsletter

If you’re eagerly awaiting your next hammock read, or a good beach book, we have many suggestions to intrigue your mind and enrich your life, both in fun and in spirit.


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