BookMusings: November 2016

In this issue, author Brian Drayton reviews Douglas Gwyn’s The Anti-War, we’re offering our two bestselling Fall books together for $20, and QuakerBooks wants YOU to become a Bookista!

BookMusings is the official eNewsletter of QuakerBooks of FGC. Each issue highlights books and themes carefully selected by bookstore staff for your enjoyment, as well as information about sales and other unique opportunities available to our readers. Below is the introductory text and table of contents.

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Dear Friend,

The autumn and winter holiday seasons are a wonderful time to focus on who and what is important to us, and who we are as Friends. We’re pleased to offer two of our current bestsellers together for $20: Marcelle Martin’s Our Life is Love, and Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship by Vanessa Julye and Donna McDaniel. Both share much regarding our heritage as Friends, and may be helpful for reflection during the holidays and in making plans for change and spiritual growth in the new year.

We’ve had a busy and transformative summer at the store, and as always, we are appreciative to be an integral part of the annual FGC Gathering, as well as annual Yearly Meeting sessions across North America. Of course, there is always important work to be done at QuakerBooks year-round. We strive to offer Friends, Seekers, and the spiritually curious a full-service bookstore on-site at Pendle Hill and online at The ministry of the word is special, and we’d like your help to ensure we’re sharing this ministry with as many people as possible. In this issue, in addition to the Earthcare and Transformation reading list and Friends Journal’s book review collection for November, you’ll read more about a new service opportunity being offered to Friends across the United States and Canada. We hope you’ll consider joining us in this important work, and spread the word within your Quaker meeting and community of book lovers!

In the Light,
Samantha Wilson
Manager, QuakerBooks of FGC

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