Book Musings: Winter 2015 eNewsletter

Discover our winter holiday-themed selections and read Ellen Michaud’s review of Bad Quaker!

Book Musings: Fall 2015 eNewsletter

Discover our fall selections and add 20 classic QuakerPress titles to your book collection for $1 per book!

QuakerBooks of FGC is now open at Pendle Hill!

FGC and Pendle Hill are very happy to announce an experimental collaboration bringing QuakerBooks of FGC to Pendle Hill.

QuakerBooks presents a Virtual Book Signing with J. Brent Bill

To celebrate the release of his new book “Finding God in the Verbs: Crafting a Fresh Language of Prayer,” FGC’s own J. Brent Bill is partnering with QuakerBooks to present a Virtual Book Signing.

FGC Bookstore and Office Hours during Gathering

During Gathering, the FGC offices and Quakerbooks bookstore hours will change dramatically.

FGC Publications & Distribution: A Short History

By Wesley Mason Well, wasn’t there always a Publications and Distribution (P&D;) program? No, like everything else we had a beginning. While FGC always produced publications of some type, the genesis of the current Publications and Distribution Program seems to have been in 1972 when FGC first formed a Religious Education (RE) Committee. Previously, written…

Cultures of Peace: The Hidden Side of History

Reviewed by Nils Pearson Culture of Peace: The Hidden Side of History, by Elise Boulding, published by Syracuse University Press, 2000 A scholarly and compelling book, this is no easy read. However, if you think that there is too much militarism, violence and war, too many people in prison and too many fast food restaurants; if…

Publications & Distribution: Past, Present and Future

By Pat Fox The Publications and Distribution Committee came together for a weekend retreat February 19-21, 2001. We gathered at the Burlington Meetinghouse and Conference Center to finish our business plan, one that the committee worked on for the past year and would use for the next several years. Our working documents reflected aspects of…

Friends General Conference Publication Connects with Russian Youth

Janet N. Riley MEMBER: CENTRAL PHILADELPHIA MONTHLY MEETINGATTENDER: ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA WORSHIP GROUP In 1993 I lived in Novgorod, Russia, a charming town dotted with ancient Russian Orthodox churches on either side of the Volkov River. Working under the care of my meeting, I held English conversation classes with two groups of Russian youth in the…


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