QuakerBooks & More of FGC Welcomes New Staff Member!

FGC is pleased to welcome Audrey Greenhall to its bookstore, QuakerBooks & More!

Meet Your Staff: Patsy Arnold Martin

Patsy Arnold Martin has served as a teacher, a radio DJ, a public librarian, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia.

Meet Your Staff: Rachel Ernst Stahlhut

Meet Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, FGC’s Program Coordinator for the Spiritual Deepening program! After traveling among meetings across North America as a QuakerQuest facilitator and listening to the stories of hundreds…

Essay: Why I Work for FGC

When Marta Rusek first came to FGC as a Communications Fellow in 2014, she had never worked with Quakers before.

Meet Your Staff: Vanessa Julye

Vanessa Julye is the Ministry on Racism Program Coordinator and the Youth Ministries Program Coordinator at FGC.

Message Shared by the General Secretary of FGC on Sunday Concerning White Supremacy, FGC and the Gathering

The Gathering gives us an
opportunity to be in fellowship around so much that is beautiful and nourishing as well as
around difficult truths with which we must wrestle if we are to grow spiritually and become the
beloved community.

Returning to FGC: Marta Rusek, Gathering Bookstore Manager

FGC is pleased to announce that Marta Rusek will be our QuakerBooks Bookstore Manager for the FGC Summer Gathering.

Introducing Lee Meinicke

FGC is pleased to introduce Lee Meinicke, our new Fiscal and Properties Manager.


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