New to FGC: Lena Glickman, Ministry on Racism Support Specialist

FGC is pleased to introduce Lena Glickman as our new Ministry on Racism Support Specialist. As a QVS Fellow, Lena has previously worked as an organizer for Pennsylvania Working Families, a political organization dedicated to racial and economic justice. That position gave helped Lena explore what moves people to action, and how strong relationships can be a base for political mobilization. Starting her work as a QVS Alumni Fellow at FGC, Lena is eager to explore new ways of making change, seeking how can we undo White Supremacy within the Religious Society of Friends; how Quakers can deepen their role in creating change in the world, and how our spirituality can be a base for the personal, relational and political work of uprooting racism in our own lives, communities and societal structures. FGC is grateful for Lena’s enthusiasm supporting this important program in its goal of assisting the Religious Society of Friends in seeing that of God in one another and grounding ourselves in that love and power. We look forward to her work with all of us in the Religious Society of Friends on this spiritual journey that gives rise to witness for racial justice, a witness that is fruit of a transformed heart. She will work from the FGC offices in Philadelphia, where she is a member of the Quaker Voluntary Service Alumni Program. 

As a QVS Alumni Fellow, Lena will work with FGC’s Ministry on Racism Program and serve on the Diversity Committee. She will help coordinate Quaker attendance at the 2017 White Privilege Conference (WPC) in Kansas City, Missouri, and will assist with the Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color at Gathering 2017 in Niagara, NY, and other events facilitated by the Ministry on Racism. She will also reach out to Yearly Meetings in the United States and Canada sharing the work of the Ministry on Racism.

The Executive Committee of FGC was adamant about the importance of the Ministry on Racism Support Specialist role at FGC and is happy to support this vital work in the coming year. We are all delighted to welcome Lena to FGC!

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