Security News: FGC and the Heartbleed Bug

All FGC websites have been secure and continue to be secure, including the Quaker Cloud and QuakerBooks. We were not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Vital Friends: March 2014 eNewsletter

Thank you for reading, and we wish you a happy spring!

Vital Friends: December 2013 eNewsletter

Thank you for reading, thank you for participating, and happy holidays!

Barry Crossno – Sharing a Nurturing and Transformative Faith

Barry Crossno outlines the case for a comprehensive religious education and spiritual formation program for newcomers and Friends.

Epistle from 2013 Central Committee

As one Friend said: “There is a deep and powerful stream flowing here, and we are invited to plunge in.”

Vital Friends: September 2013 eNewsletter

This year’s Gathering explored ambitious questions about growth and reconciliation in the Light.

FGC Welcomes our New Quaker Voluntary Service Volunteer

The Quaker Voluntary Service has opened a new branch in Philadelphia this year, and FGC will be hosting Maire Elizabeth Moriarty to work with our Ministry on Racism.

Joyfully sharing FGC’s Annual Report

Our Annual Report, Spiritual Vision, Faithful Service, A Plan for Action highlights some of our accomplishments this past year. 

Serving on a New Meetings Project MentoringTeam

As part of supporting new meetings and worship groups, the NMP is looking for some seasoned, faithful Friends to serve as members of mentoring teams.

New Meetings Project Consultation Held

On January 18 -19, 2013, FGC hosted a consultation with representatives of all fifteen FGC affiliated yearly meetings in attendance.

New Meetings Project Consultation to be Held in January

In 2012, FGC received a generous grant from the Thomas H. and Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund to finance a New Meetings Project and support the continuation of Quaker Quest.

FGC Welcomes Brent Bill as Coordinator of New Meetings Project

FGC is pleased to announce the appointment of J. Brent Bill as coordinator of the New Meetings Project* scheduled to begin this fall.


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