FGC Newsletters: September 2020

Each month, FGC distributes digital newsletters to share updates and information about FGC and its programs. Below is the introductory text and links to the Vital Friends and Book Musings newsletters we shared in September 2020. Discover essential reading, plus resources and reflections on Quaker spirituality in virtual spaces. 

Book Musings: Essential Reading

Send Date: September 1st, 2020

In this issue of Book Musings we highlight writings that go to the core of who we are as Friends. We have no creed, no set prayers. Our beliefs show in what we do.

Maybe you know this story: Ms. Smith attends her first meeting for worship with her Quaker neighbor, Ms. Jones.  After half an hour of silence, Ms. Smith leans over and whispers, “When does the service begin?”
Ms. Jones chuckles, then replies, “At the rise of meeting.”

Our commitment to service has never been more necessary than it is today. Let us raise our voices, take action, and walk the walk. There are so many ways to serve, and I’m hopeful some of the books highlighted in this issue will help guide you.

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager of QuakerBooks
(215) 561-1700 ext. 3044

In This Issue:

  • Buy-5-Bundle Discount – The Meetinghouse Bookshelf
  • Book Discussions – How to Be an Antiracist; See No Stranger
  • New and Noteworthy – Facilitating Group Learning
  • Friends Journal Reviews – September 2020
  • Buy over $100 in books or pamphlets and get a 10% discount

Read this issue of Book Musings.

Vital Friends: Quaker Spirituality in Virtual Spaces

Send Date: September 4th, 2020

Dear Friend,

September is Friendship Month, so it’s fitting that our issue on Quaker Spirituality in Virtual Spaces comes at a time when so many people in North America are connecting with faith communities like the Religious Society of Friends. As you take a closer look at the resources below, I hope you’ll participate in our virtual offerings for faith and fellowship and enrich your spiritual walk with us this fall. And perhaps you’ll invite the people in your life to take part, too  – especially loved ones who still confuse your Quaker faith with the man on the oatmeal box from time to time!

In Friendship,
Marta Rusek
Communications Manager for FGC

In this issue:

  • Quakers in Virtual Spaces: Reflections and Resources
  • Coming Soon: Fall Virtual Offerings from the Spiritual Deepening Program and the Ministry on Racism Program
  • FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: September 2020 Update
  • Religious Education Programming for Children During COVID-19
  • Virtual Events in the Quaker Community: September 2020
  • Call for Submissions: Back to School Resources and World Quaker Day

Read the September 2020 Vital Friends eNewsletter.

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