FGC Virtual Gathering 2020: Share Your Selfies!

The 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering begins today, and we’re inviting participants to update their profile pictures and share their selfies with us!

Here’s two ways to let the people in your life know that you’re spending this week with FGC Friends:

  1. Update your profile picture with the official Facebook Profile Picture Frame for the 2020 Virtual Gathering*
  2. Download the “Gathering in” selfie sign, and share your Virtual Gathering experience with us! Here’s how to participate:
    1. After you’ve downloaded the sign (which is available in color or in black & white), write down where you are participating in the Virtual Gathering from
    2. Snap a selfie with your sign (check out the example below by yours truly)
    3. Share your selfie on social media using hashtag #VirtualFGCGathering – we’ll compile all your Friendly selfies and share them on Facebook and Instagram with your permission!

*Requires a Facebook account. Once you’ve applied the frame to your Facebook profile picture, you can download the image with the frame and use it on the rest of your social media accounts!

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