FGC Newsletters: January 2020

In the special January/February 2020 double issue of Vital Friends, we examine how Quaker spirituality nurtures activism. We also have news about workshops at the 2020 Gathering, an anti-racism update about intersectionality, and more opportunities for faith & fellowship in 2020!

Vital Friends

Dear Friend,

For many Friends, Quaker spirituality is the foundation upon which their activism is built. In our first issue of 2020, we’re featuring stories of Friends who follow leadings to witness for urgent causes affecting our world, as well as resources to inspire new and long-practicing spirit-led activists.

Additionally, our special double issue has lots of opportunities for faith and fellowship to fill your calendar in the coming months, like the White Privilege Conference, our Spiritual Deepening eRetreats, and events from Quakers Uniting in Publications and Pendle Hill. Friends will also appreciate this issue’s update from the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee, which examines the concept of intersectionality and it impacts the committee’s work.

In the Light,
Communications Staff at FGC

In this issue:

  • Spirit-Led Activism: Inspirational Friends and Resources
  • Explore workshops for FGC Gathering 2020: Way Will Open
  • Faith in our Future: Aurelio Anderson
  • Spiritual Deepening eRetreat Schedule Released for 2020
  • White Privilege Conference: Register to attend with FGC Friends
  • FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: January/February 2020 Update
  • Mark Your Calendar: QUIP Conference and J. Brent Bill at Pendle Hill

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Book Musings

Dear Friend,

Have you gone to QuakerBooks.org lately?  If you did, you might have noticed some changes, including in the cart and checkout pages.  We’re working to make our online store easier to use, and we’ve added an automatic 10% discount when you buy over $100 of books.  We welcome all feedback, good and bad, on your experience with QuakerBooks.org.

Wishing you Peace and Love in the New Year,
Audrey Greenhall,
Manager for QuakerBooks

In This Issue:

  • New and Noteworthy
  • Friends Journal Reviews for January 2020
  • Visit QuakerBooks at the FGC Gathering

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FGC Gathering Update

Dear Friend,

Way Will Open
The 2020 Gathering is growing into a wonderful event at Radford University in Radford, VA from June 28 – July 4, 2020. Early Registration will open April 1st – 14th.

Exciting Updates:

  • Carl Magruder is our Bible Half Hour Leader!
  • The Worship Committee is organizing Worship Sharing Groups this year!
  • New Afternoon Junior Gathering Program!

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2020 Gathering!

Ruth Reber
Conference Coordinator

Read the January 2020 Gathering Update

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