Walking in the Light: An Update on FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program

Inspired by the opportunity for continuing transformation in Quaker faith and practice and in the wider culture, the Spiritual Deepening Program seeks to be an essential resource for Friends as they act on their leadings to live fully into their faith by walking in the Light.

Resources and materials in the Spiritual Deepening Library for Small Groups are being revised and enhanced on 2019 to include new ways to explore communion with the community and the divine.

We’ve included exercises that explore art and literature, music and movement, and the inspirational writing of Early Friends. Friends can worship together, explore together, grow together, and practice their faith in action together.

Here are two exercises Friends can explore on their own:

The highly successful eRetreats will continue in 2019. Here’s what Friends have said about their eRetreat experiences:

“This topic (Understanding and Healing White Supremacy) is deeply important to me, and so I was grateful for the carefully selected materials. Sorting them by amount of time needed was especially thoughtful. The facilitators encouraged discussion while not taking too much of the bandwidth themselves. At times I might have wanted to hear more from them.” 

“I did not experience a change, I experienced validation that I am solidly on this journey and it is worth continuing.”

The Spiritual Deepening Program will also be leading a workshop at the 2019 Gathering called, “Walking in the Light: Quaker Faith in Action.” Here’s a short description of what we’ll be offering:

We are called to Walk in the Light.  We are called to worship deeply and practice a living, vital, grounded, and relevant faith, guided by the Inward Teacher.  To live into this vision, we need to actively practice our faith with each other.  Come join us for a joy-filled, energizing, and affirming opportunity to celebrate our Quaker identity and embrace the transformative power of Quaker spirituality and practices.

This article appeared in the December 2018 issue of FGC’s Vital Friends eNewsletter.

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