Quaker Cloud Update — October 2016

A lot has been happening with the Quaker Cloud lately. Here’s the latest news about what’s going on with our web-based tool for meetings.

Erin Mullaney, our Communications and Cloud Support Associate, accepted a wonderful job offer from another organization and had her last day with FGC on October 13th. While we will miss Erin and all her good work on behalf of the Quaker Cloud, I am writing to let you know how FGC will be providing support for the Quaker Cloud in the short term as we determine how best to provide staffing for the Quaker Cloud.

We have contracted with SKYCATCHFIRE, a web development company that has helped us with our mobile optimization and move to Pantheon projects, to provide support for the Quaker Cloud for at least the next ninety days as we move forward. SKYCATCHFIRE will have a person on their staff dedicated to Quaker Cloud support. This person’s name is Richelle Houck. Richelle will be:

  • Providing regular support for type 1 issues including: password resets,and general questions around creation and posting info to the site.
  • Assisting with urgent support issues – such as if a website is accidentally deleted.
  • Working on regular communication with the Cloud users.
  • Helping with the Drupal/SalesForce integration.
  • Training/retraining meetings on the Quaker Cloud – this includes following up on that training
  • Doing demos on the Quaker Cloud for prospective and current users.
  • Teaching FGC committees and new staff how to use the Cloud.

Also, they will will allocate time each week to spend on both improving the process for the Quaker Cloud support and automating various support processes. In addition, their technical team will be available for

issues that arise with Quaker Cloud. This will allow Richelle to work directly with their technical team to address:

  • Helping with the Drupal/SalesForce integration.
  • Technical support for Quaker Cloud admins.

To reach the Richelle, all you have to do is email cloudsupport@fgcquaker.org.

It will be the first of November before Richelle and SKYCATCHFIRE are fully able to respond and address all Quaker Cloud support issues, especially the more complex ones. However, she will be in touch about any requests ahead of November 1 as she is able.

Please be assured the FGC is maintaining our control of the Quaker Cloud. SKYCATCHFIRE is only assuming a support and technical development position. While we’re testing to see if expanding SKYCATCHFIRE’s responsibilities improves Quaker Cloud service on behalf of FGC (and we’re grateful for them stepping in to provide temporary technical support) we are also exploring if this might be the best arrangement for our users moving forward. FGC, however, will do all marketing, invoicing, decision making regarding improvements to the Quaker Cloud (in conjunction with our Quaker Cloud admins in each meeting), and so forth.

It is our hope that this arrangement will provide you the support you need and allow us to continue to provide the improvements and updates you’ve requested to the Quaker Cloud.

In the Spirit,
Brent Bill

Associate Secretary for Communications, Publications, and Outreach
for the FGC Quaker Cloud Team

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