20 Books for 20 Bucks: A Quaker Library in a Box is back!

A selection of classic QuakerPress publications to grow your meeting’s library – or your personal one! 

How would you like to start a Quaker library for yourself and/or add to your meeting’s library for only a dollar a book? You read that right! QuakerBooks is excited to announce that 20 Books for 20 Bucks: A Quaker Library in a Box is back. For a limited time, get 20 classic QuakerPress titles, including Sandra Cronk’s A Lasting Gift, Lloyd Lee Wilson’s Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order, and Brian Drayton’s On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry, for only $20 (plus $12 shipping and handling for customers in the United States).

To read a description and reviews go to the book list on QuakerBooks.

Share this list with your meeting! Download the PDF list here.

This offer will end on March 31, ORDER Yours today!

 20 Books for 20 Bucks is available to customers in the continental United States.

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