Program Spotlight: Friends Meeting House Fund

Friends Meeting House Fund, helping Friends keep meeting houses warm and welcoming. Friends Meeting House Fund makes loans for large projects, and small grants for improving meeting house community spaces. Funds are loaned for renovating, improving or adding on to structures on meeting house property, and conserving, protecting, restoring, or enhancing the immediate environment of those structures.

The Friends Meeting House Fund is excited to be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year! In those last 60 years FMHF has loaned or granted over $4,600,000 to more than 200 Quaker Meetings in 18 yearly meetings. FMHF and the Green Meeting House Fund can provide support and expertise for renovating, building, updating, or greening all areas its likely many meetings have had to consider. Beyond structure upkeep, FHMF also helps meetings without a permanent home purchase meeting houses through loans and grants. The Green Meeting House Fund provides grants to Quaker Meetings for environmentally important and energy-saving improvements to their meeting houses.

Projects maintaining and improving old meeting houses can be daunting, FMHF is run by a board whose members possess expertise in a variety of real estate disciplines and can offer their expertise in terms of architecture, green building, and management of large projects.

Operating as a mortgage pool, Friends and Meetings are welcomed to lend money (with interest) to the FMHF, creating a fiscal resource which in turn can be loaned to Quaker Meetings for their meeting house projects. Contributions to the Grant Fund from Friends and Meetings with resources to spare helps to nurture small, less well-endowed meetings, and Grant Fund donations are tax deductible!

Find out more about the Friends Meeting House fund and Green Meeting House Fund here.

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