New to FGC: Online Communications Fellow

We hope Friends will join us in extending a warm welcome to FGC’s Online Communications Fellow for the 2015-2016 service year, Piper Lewis!

FGC is pleased to introduce Piper Lewis, our new Online Communications Fellow for the 2015-2016 service year. She will support the efforts of FGC’s Communications Team. A native Seattleite, she grew up in, and is a member of, Salmon Bay Monthly Meeting. Piper is a long time attender of the Gathering, most recently as a clerk for Adult Young Friends.

Piper received her undergraduate degree in Geosciences from Earlham College, with minors in English and Creative Writing. Piper has worked in science communications as a public policy intern at American Geosciences Institute and as a video and podcast developer for Devils Tower National Monument. She is passionate about marine science, and had the honor of assisting in scientific research on the USCGC Healy, a Coast Guard icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean. She finds additional creative fulfillment in life narrating audiobooks and working on various stages of her three in-progress novels.

As the Online Communications Fellow, Piper will work with FGC’s Communications Team to keep Facebook and Twitter engaging and up to date. She will be producing the Vital Friends eNewsletter and QuakerBooks brochure, as well as assisting in website maintenance. She is excited to be working with FGC to keep Quakers informed and connected across the country.

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