Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Pre-Gathering Events

Follow the links below to see more details and costs for these events. Gathering registrants may add pre-Gathering events to their registrations through June 15. New registrants may not register for a Pre-Gathering event after June 22. Drop-in participation is possible for the AYF retreat only, and drop-in's will be charged the retreat fee.

Couple Enrichment Leaders' Training:  The training consists of both a pre-gathering event and five mornings at the Gathering (instead of a workshop). Attending all sessions is required. Application involves past participation in a CE retreat and a recommendation from an FGC-CE leader couple. Read more or email questions to Marsha Green, Couple Enrichment Leadership Training Contact Person.  Open only to Friends registering for the full Gathering.

Retreat for People of Color and their Families: An opportunity for People of Color and multiracial families to come together to share their Quaker experience and create a supportive community in preparation for and throughout the Gathering. Open only to Friends staying for the Gathering as full-time or half-Gathering registrants.

Quakers & Business Conference: The second meeting of the Quakers and Business Group is open to all Quakers who have a heart and mind for business, and who are interested or are already applying Quaker principles to their work and life. Open to Gathering registrants and also those not staying for the Gathering.

Adult Young Friends Retreat:  This optional event will focus on what it means to be an AYF in our meetings and our communities, as well as exploring the structure and function of the AYF community at Gathering. Please join us Saturday July 4 as we dig deep into our place in Quaker faith. Cost will include early housing and meal fees plus a modest retreat fee. For more information contact Adult Young Friends Retreat clerk, Debra Lenik.   Open only to Friends staying for the Gathering as full-time or half-Gathering registrants.