In the spirit of the #FergusonSyllabus, FGC has curated a list of resources relevant to The Color Purple which may deepen your understanding of the themes.

The Official Website of Alice Walker

Original Book Reviews

Books About The Color Purple and Alice Walker

  • Funderburg, Lise, and Sanders, Scott (2023) Purple Rising: Celebrating 40 Years of the Magic, Power, and Artistry of The Color Purple
  • Gates, Henry Louis, and Appiah, Kwame (1993) Alice Walker: Critical Perspectives Past And Present (Amistad Literary Series)
  • Tillet, Salamishah (2021) In Search of The Color Purple: The Story of an American Masterpiece.
  • Walker, Alice and Boyd, Valerie (2022) Gathering Blossoms Under Fire: The Journals of Alice Walker, 1965–2000.
  • White, Evelyn C. (2005) Alice Walker: A Life.

Essays About the Book

The Film

The Film Soundtrack

The Musical

The Movie Musical

Criticism and Controversy

Trauma and Healing

Major Topics

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