Theme: Let LOVE Be The First Motion

Dates: June 29 – July 5, 2014

Location: California University of Pennsylvania in California, PA

What happened at the 2014 Gathering?

Articles & Videos

Bible Half Hour: Joel Cook

Monday Bible Half Hour
Tuesday Bible Half Hour
Wednesday Bible Half Hour
Thursday Bible Half Hour
Friday Bible Half Hour

Evening Programs

2014 was the first year we attempted to livestream evening events at Gathering. As befits an experiment, quality is variable.

Sunday Night

Opening Program

Monday Night

“Let Love Be the First Motion” Su Penn, Victoria Greene, Noah Baker Merrill

Love comes in many forms, and the motion of love in our lives can lead us to a wide variety of actions. We’ll hear from three Friends whose lives and work in the world are shaped– in very different ways– by the motion of love.

Tuesday Night

Quaker Cloud Interest Group

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night: Concert – Tony Vacca, Sekou Sylla and Abdou Sarr

In collaboration, these musicians will bring us a fabulous evening of rhythm, lyric, movement, and song.

Due to an audio configuration problem, we were unable to capture audio for the first hour of this recording.

Thursday Night

Eileen Flanagan “Choreographing Love’s Motions”

Eileen Flanagan spoke as led about the ways she sees the Spirit moving among Friends in our social and eco-justice witness, how the concerns we carry are interrelated, and the role of courage and community in making our work more powerful in the wider world.

Friday Night

Laura Magnani “Love in the Belly of the Beast”

Drawing on more than four decades of bringing the Light of Love inside the brutal culture of US prisons, the last 20 with the American Friends Service Committee.

Laura Magnani will illustrate the impact of the US penal system on those involved in it, share some approaches that have been tried to open the situations to Spirit and Love, and offer ways that we can carry what we learn beyond the Gathering. A message of hope will emerge from a journey in darkness.

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