Lee Meinicke Joins FGC Staff

welcome Lee Meinicke into the role of Fiscal and Property Manager.

BookMusings: May 2016 eNewsletter

If you’ve already perked up to those first days of warm weather and gotten out the hammock, or the deck chairs, or put away some winter layers, here are some books to accompany you into the sunshine. 

FGC Seeks Manager of QuakerBooks

Friends General Conference is seeking a Manager of QuakerBooks of FGC

QuakerBooks News, May 2016

QuakerBooks is both an on-line store (QuakerBooks.org) and an in-person bookstore serving thousands of Friends and seekers from all over the world who visit the Pendle Hill campus each year.

Vital Friends May 2016

As you make plans for the summer such as post-graduation trips, picnics, and registering for the 2016 FGC Gathering, we invite you to turn your sunny thoughts to new opportunities for collaboration and connection among Friends. 

Reflections on the WPC 16

nvigorated, tired, humbled, overwhelmed, inspired, hopeful. Those are words that FGC staff who attended the White Privilege Conference (WPC) used following the conference.

Yearly Meeting Visitors Program

If you go to annual session, be sure to keep an eye out for your Friends General Conference Yearly Meeting Visitor.

FGC Friends: New York Yearly Meeting

New York Yearly Meeting comprises meetings in all of New York State, northern and central New Jersey, and some nearby meetings in Connecticut.

Seeking Online Communications Fellow

Friends General Conference is seeking an Online Communications Fellow to start in the Fall of 2016.

Vital Friends: April 2016

This April, Friends General Conference staff are working hard to bring forward all kinds of exciting projects and new developments.

BookMusings: April 2016

BookMusings is the official eNewsletter of QuakerBooks of FGC.

FGC Friends: New England Yearly Meeting

We’re pleased to feature FGC affiliated New England Yearly Meeting for the month of April.


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