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Event Date: Thursday, November 9, 2023

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Event Time: 8:00 PM - to 9:30 PM

All events are Eastern Time

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Join Rashid Darden for a kickoff discussion of the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

Whether you are reading the book individually or with your meetings, Friends, newcomers, and guests are welcome to join Rashid in a discussion of the major themes of the novel.

You do not have to have completed the novel at the time of this discussion. As best as possible, this discussion will be spoiler-free. We will avoid revealing major plot points but will instead discuss broader themes discussed in the novel, such as womanhood, Blackness, rural America, and what letters to God mean for Celie as well as all of us.

Come with your deep curiosity and deep listening–stay for the fellowship with Friends!

Rashid Darden is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington and Associate Secretary for Communications and Outreach for Friends General Conference. He is a novelist who focuses on the Black LGBT experience, whether in contemporary fiction or in urban fantasy. His titles include Lazarus, Yours in the Bond, Birth of a Dark Nation, and Children of Fury.

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