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Spiritual Deepening Program

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The Spiritual Deepening Program invites newcomers, individual Friends, and meetings to explore how Quaker spiritual practice can transform lives and take us deeper into the life of the Spirit.

We Invite You to Explore

The goal of this program is to bring the full depth, joy, and fire of Quaker faith and practice to our daily lives, to our meetings, and to those who come to our meeting as seekers.

We Invite You to Seek Together

The Spiritual Deepening Program offers varied content and a flexible structure through which small groups of Friends can go deep together.  The program serves those who are new to the Quaker Way by presenting resources important to the personal and communal spiritual journey.  It serves Friends who are no longer new by providing additional depth and encouragement to continue their travel on the Quaker journey.

Together in small groups, Friends will discuss foundational Quaker readings, share and listen to spiritual stories, and explore spiritual practices.  The content will be accessible for all seekers with activities for adults, children, and all ages together.

Enrich Your Quaker Journey

The initial phase of the program will offer materials on three topics:

  • Silence and Expectant Waiting
    Explore the Quaker experience of worship, silent waiting, and vocal ministry.
  • The Light, Seed, Christ Working in Us
    Explore the experience of being led by the Inner Guide.
  • Friendly Practices
    Explore the practices of Friends including discernment, meeting for worship with attention to business, worship sharing, and more.

These initial topics are designed to help all seekers discover, explore, and deepen their experiences of the Quaker faith.  More topics and content will be released periodically.

We Invite You into Deeper Understanding

To explore each topic, you might complete readings or commit to a daily spiritual practice individually. As a group, you might do an activity together or engage in a discussion. In each topic, you will:

  • Ground your Understanding
    Explore the transformative experience and writings of past and contemporary Friends to help you explore your Quaker roots and connections.
  • Share your Experience
    Listen to yourself and your fellow seekers as together you put your experiences into words.
  • Practice your Faith
    Develop personal and communal spiritual practices to deepen your relationship with Spirit and consider the ways in which it manifests itself in your life.

Coming Soon!

The Spiritual Deepening Program will launch in fall 2016.

A Pay-as-Led participation fee will provide access to the Spiritual Deepening Library and small group leader orientation.  The participation fee will allow FGC to continue to support, develop, and grow the Spiritual Deepening Program and to make it broadly available over time, with the ultimate goal of increasing the depth of Spirit and the strength of our Quaker communities.

FGC will provide orientation and ongoing support for small group leaders to use the Grounding, Sharing, and Practicing process and Spiritual Deepening Library materials to lead deep and meaningful small group experiences within their home meetings.

Newcomers and Friends can participate in the small group experience online through an elearning course based on the same Spiritual Deepening content.

Interested in Learning More?

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Try out the Spiritual Deepening Program!

Consider forming a small group and exploring this sample content from Silence and Expectant Waiting.


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