FGC’s 2023 Impact Report

FGC Impact Report 2023

We must have new eyes – the eyes of our heart enlightened. That means that we must see essential realities vividly.

– Rufus Jones

FGC’s 2023 Impact Report explores our experience of Seeing Anew over the past year. It dives into the opportunities and conversations that gave us new energy, ideas and perspective.

In addition to updates on all our programs, you’ll read about our Gathering Together fundraising campaign and new grant funded initiatives, as well as new decisions made by our governing body that will shape the future of our organization.

FGC’s Impact Report is filled with examples of how your support is helping to nurture a more inclusive, multi-generational, multi-cultural, and actively anti-racist faith community. Thank you for reading it and sharing with others, and thank you for supporting FGC.

As children, the world is full of wonder . . . As adults a profound spiritual encounter can change our perspective, making the world seem new again . . . We look forward to seeing how [this year’s] experiences and continued revelations will impact Friends and meetings, today and into the future.

Barry Crossno and Marvin Barnes
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