FGC Staff Attend White Privilege Conference

Highlights from the 2024 White Privilege Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nine FGC staff members, making up half of the staff of FGC, attended to the 25th White Privilege Conference in April. The White Privilege Conference is hosted by The Privilege Institute, a group that equips people to work for equity, love, and justice. The gathering occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, within the boundaries of the Muscogee Nation reservation. FGC staff joined several other Quakers in attendance.

Each day at the conference began with a land acknowledgement. Rather than a scripted reading, these acknowledgements included storytelling and education from members of Native tribes in Tulsa. There are three tribes that hold reservation land in Tulsa. Members of these tribes explained how they originally came to be Oklahoma, or shared about recent events for their tribe.

During the White Privilege Conference, several Friends visited the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. This is a public park that memorializes the Tulsa Massacre in 1921. FGC staff explored a number of resources and workshops at the conference. This includes keynote speakers, who may make an appearance at future FGC events. Keynote speakers described how white supremacy culture affects everyone. Individual workshops included “Microaggressions,” “Leading with Humility,” and “Engaging White Men.”

Next year’s White Privilege Conference will be in Tacoma, Washington. 

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