Book Musings, May 2023: Community

I look outside and see spring flowers, but my thoughts zip ahead to the 2023 Gathering in Monmouth, Oregon. A Gathering Bookstore – in person! Author Events – in person! There are many ways Friends support each other. Gathering to strengthen our community offers a unique kind of nurturing.

Will we see you there? I hope so. Here’s the information.

Audrey Greenhall,
Bookstore Manager

QuakerPress of FGC – Worship in Song – Large Print Edition

We’re so happy to have Worship in Song – Large Print Edition back in stock. Thank you to those of you who called or wrote, asking us to reprint. As with all our books, if an order is over $100 you can get a 10% discount by entering the code QB10% at checkout.

If your meeting is in the Philadelphia area and you would like to purchase multiple copies of the hymnal for pick-up, please call or email me instead of placing an order online. Thanks!

215-561-1700 and then press 1 for QuakerBooks

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Friends Journal Reviews

It’s rare for any month’s Friends Journal book reviews to be along a theme, but as Eileen Redden, young Friends book review editor for Friends Journal explained:

Due entirely to serendipity, this column seems to have thematic unity. Many of the books, such as Luli and the Language of Tea, The Man Who Saved Books, and Big Truck, Little Island, are explicitly about building community. However, the theme of community plays a smaller role in many of the other books. For example, Room for More is an environmental book, but it’s also a book about being a good neighbor. The Line in the Sand is about resolving conflict, which is an obvious prerequisite for community building. I hope you enjoy this column devoted to community.

These books are available through our Bookshop page. You can read the reviews, here.

QuakerBooks at Bookshop

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