The Vitality of Now

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In considering a theme our upcoming 2022 Impact Report, FGC reflected on what the past year looked like. Amid the challenges, we kept seeing vitality emerge. We saw it in the Gathering Anew focus groups, the Quakers Uprooting Racism Cohort, Young Adult and Youth Programming, outreach to newcomers, and meeting collaborations. We saw The Vitality of Now.

In a few weeks, the FGC 2022 Impact Report will be arriving in mailboxes and inboxes as a celebration of The Vitality of Now. In preparing this report, we asked Friends what The Vitality of Now means to them. We’ll be sharing these stories throughout the year and invite you to share your own with us.

To start things off, Sally Campbell of New York Yearly Meeting shares her thoughts on The Vitality of Now.

We cannot change the past and we don’t know the future, so the only time we have is right now. That’s where the juice is. Where the energy is. It’s where we can do something and enjoy it. To be filled with joy and share it. That’s our whole purpose.”

Sally captures these feelings in one of her recent songs:

Now is the moment

To be friends with this moment

To be friends with each other and the earth

You can hear Sally perform “Now is the Moment” on YouTube.

About Sally

Sally Campbell is a Quaker singer/songwriter who attends Morningside Meeting and Pendle Hill virtual worship. She has been attending FGC Gathering every summer since 1981, many of those years serving Friends as the Access Resources Coordinator. Sally says every year she has learned to trust the flowing of God’s love more fully. In addition to music, Sally shares her writing in What Canst Thou Say

We’d love to hear from you!

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