Giving Tuesday Challenge

Giving Tuesday started 10 years ago as a movement to celebrate the generosity in each of us. Whether a gift of time, money, or talent, we all have something to give.

This Giving Tuesday, Friends are honoring the spiritual gifts young clerks bring to their meetings through a $1500 Donor DOUBLE Match Challenge. In the challenge, these Friends will donate two dollars for every dollar you give for Young Clerks Training. For example if you donate $50, these Friends will add $100 to your gift making it worth $150!

FGC needs to raise almost $4000 to run the 2023 Young Clerks Training Program. This challenge is a big help toward covering those costs and keeping the training vital and accessible for High School and Adult Young Friends.

The training really brought a lot of insight into what it means to be a clerk. I learned how to utilize all the great resources that are around us from others who do clerking in different capacities in the Quaker Community.

Adult Young Friend

Maya Dougherty-Harris of New York Yearly Meeting has personally experienced the program’s value. She participated in it twice, once while in high school and then again in college. “I got even more out of it the second time. I learned the importance of having your own ministry, and what I can bring to a leadership and clerking role.”

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