FGC is Hiring a Young Adult & Youth Coordinator

Please note: This position was filled in December 2022.

Job Title: Young Adult & Youth Coordinator

Term limit: Three years

Supervisor: Conference Director

Hours: Full time (35 hours/week) (5 days) grant funded for 3 years

Location: Anywhere in the U.S.A. with reliable Internet and Phone Access

Salary Range: $47,000-$53,000 (Range IV) + benefits

The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator holds responsibility for FGC’s Young Adult and Youth ministries throughout the year and at FGC’s annual conference, the Gathering. The person who holds this position will work with intention for the well-being and spiritual development of youth & young adults who participate in FGC programs. This term-limited position has full staff responsibility for planning and implementing all programs for children and teens from birth to age 18 during the week of the Gathering. The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator also serves as a staff liaison to FGC’s Adult Young Friends community (ages 18-35).

This position works closely with the Junior Gathering Subcommittee, its clerks, the High School Coordinators, HS Friend in Residence, Adult Young Friend Coordinators, and the Junior Gathering Subcommittee of Long-Range Conference Planning (LRCP). The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator informs and consults with the Conference Director and Conference and Events Coordinator about the planning and implementation of the Junior Gathering and High School Programs.  The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator is also responsible for year-round Young Adult and Youth (YA/Y) Ministries under the care of Committee for Nurturing Ministries (CNM). This position will collaborate closely with the Ministry on Racism staff to develop and implement YA/Y programs for children, teens and young adults.

The person filling this position does not need to be based in the Philadelphia office, though occasional visits to the office will be necessary. The COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for this position (unless you have a medical exemption.) Applicants need to live in the USA and must be authorized to work in the USA. This is a full-time Term Limited position.

Desired Qualifications


  • College graduate or equivalent writing and communication skills.


  • Conference or event planning.
  • Supervising volunteers.
  • Working with Quaker committees.
  • Working with Young Adults and youth of various age groups.
  • Religious Society of Friends, including a variety of Friends and yearly meetings.


  • Organizing complex operations; keeping track of many details.
  • Coordinating efforts of many individuals and committees.
  • Negotiating and problem-solving with others.
  • Crisis management: making quick decisions under pressure.
  • Oral and written communications.
  • Working in a team with other staff and volunteers.


  • Member of the Religious Society of Friends.
  • Available for travel as necessary.
  • Able to work very long hours under pressure during the week before and week of the Gathering.
  • Commitment to ending racism in the Religious Society of Friends and beyond.
  • Commitment to making Gathering events accessible to and inclusive of Friends with many different identities and abilities.
  • Able to obtain Pennsylvania Child Safety Clearances.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate Junior Gathering and High School planning and program within the context of overall Gathering planning.
  • Attend meetings of the Junior Gathering Subcommittee and provide limited staff support for that subcommittee and its clerk(s).  Attend meetings of Long-Range Conference Planning (LRCP), the Gathering Committee and a Gathering Site visit.  Support High School and Adult Young Friends Planning Committees when they meet.
  • Work with the Conference Director to identify adequate facilities at the current and future Gathering sites, including necessary space, equipment, supplies, and audio-visual equipment.
  • Work with the Conference Director to prepare the annual budget for the Gathering Youth Program and with Development staff to secure funding for Young Adult and Youth Ministries.
  • In consultation and collaboration with the Junior Gathering Subcommittee, High School and Adult Young Friends Coordinators, prepare all information about the Junior Gathering, High School and Adult Young Friends programs for the website, Advance Program, promotional materials, confirmation letters, the check-in packet, the Final Program, staff orientation, and parents’ orientations.
  • With Conference & Events Coordinator, Junior Gathering co-clerks and volunteers, manage supplies and snacks for the Junior Gathering Program. Support High School Coordinators in management of the High School Program supplies. 
  • Respond to questions from parents and guardians regarding Junior Gathering & High School programs in an effective and timely manner.
  • Recruit and assign volunteer Junior Gathering staff, prepare orientation materials, and develop resources for program leaders. Support High School Coordinators in recruitment and assignment of High School program staff and orientation planning and execution. Assign work grants to volunteer staff of both Junior Gathering and High School programs.
  • Coordinate childcare for pre-Gathering events.
  • Perform criminal background checks on staff and volunteers working with youth at the Gathering and in other FGC Programs in compliance with FGC’s Child Safety Policy and the state where the Gathering is held.  Coordinate reference checks for youth volunteers, in compliance with the Policy. Work with the Conference and Events Coordinator and/or an approved volunteer to maintain files for criminal background and reference checks. 
  • Work on site at the Gathering for two weeks, assuming full staff responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the Junior Gathering and High School Program and serving as staff liaison to the Adult Young Friend community.
  • Participate in the evaluation process for the Gathering, with particular attention to the evaluation of the Junior Gathering and High School programs and leaders.
  • Work closely with Committee for Nurturing Ministries (CNM) and Ministry on Racism staff to create a formal Young Adult & Youth Ministries Program within FGC for children, teens and young adults. This could include virtual programming, in-person retreats, re-launching the Spiritual Mentorship Program or other program ideas. 
  • Coordinate the Adult Young Friends and High School Clerks Training. Collaborate with Clerks Training Working Group to provide care and stewardship of the Training. Plan and secure transportation, location, lodging, food, and facilitation arrangements for the Training. Adapt the training to virtual setting as needed.
  • Coordinate semi-regular Quaker Youth Workers Meet-Ups for Quaker Youth Workers from across FGC’s affiliated Yearly Meetings.
  • As time allows, support the Conference Director at committee meetings, and site visits.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.   


To apply to this position, please e-mail a cover letter, resume, and three references, with subject heading “Youth Ministries Coordinator Application” to Susan Lee Barton (susanleeb@fgcquaker.org). The application deadline is October 25, 2022.

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