FGC Impact Report 2021

FGC Impact Report 2021 Cover
FGC Impact Report 2021

The FGC Impact Report 2021 explores the spiritual journey to Right Relationship. Over the last year, FGC has created spaces for Friends, meetings, and seekers to enter this reparative work.

FGC has been reflecting on our programs, volunteers, and the evolving needs of Friends. How do we continue to steward this precious gift of Quaker faith in ways that disrupt embedded power dynamics and lead toward new growth and vitality?

One example is the “Noticing Patterns of Oppression and Faithfulness” trainings led by Lisa Graustein, LJ Boswell, and LVM Shelton of New England Yearly Meeting, and Niyonu Spann of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Another is FGC’s weekly virtual worship for white Friends confronting racism. Additionally, the Quakers Uprooting Racism Cohort of 36 Friends is sharing anti-racism resources with local and yearly meetings.

FGC’s Impact Report contains program updates, stories, and even more examples of how your support nurtures an inclusive, multi-generational, multi-cultural, and anti-racist faith community.

To be in Right Relationship, we need to look at how we are living our truth. We all have a responsibility to show up for ourselves and each other. The journey to greater peace and freedom starts with how we make choices.

Irena Rosenberg
from the FGC Impact Report 2021
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