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Quakers In Their Own Words Video Series

Quakers Consider...

In this series of ten short videos, Friends speak from their experience about their faith and Quaker practice.  Meetings may choose to use any or all of these videos for their meeting websites if they feel so moved.  FGC would like to thank Amala Lane for filming and editing these videos at the 2013 FGC Gathering.

  1. Quakers and God - Peterson Toscano
  2. How Quaker Worship Helps Me - Pam Wood and Ernie Buscemi
  3. Quakers and Children - Sharon
  4. How Meeting Helps - Jorge
  5. Quakers and Prayer - Fran Brokaw
  6. Quakers and Children - Peter Blood
  7. Quakers and Peace - Judy
  8. How Quaker Worship Helps James
  9. Quakers and the Bible - Peterson Toscano
  10. Quakers and the Bible - Fran Brokaw
Resource Size/Length: 
18 minutes