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3/23  This query comes from the recent PFF retreat theme of compassionate listening.
When I am in conflict with someone, do I seek to understand not only the other's perspective, but also the fuller story behind it?

In conflict, do I try to speak clearly and just once to an issue?

Do I see everyone as a Child of the Light?

How do I move beyond just feeling compassion to showing compassion?

Do I pause for joy in simple things?

Am I grateful for the hard parts of life and the opportunities they provide for growing?

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06/29/2014 - 1:00pm to 07/05/2014 - 1:00pm

Taste the vibrancy and the variety that is available by immersing yourself in this community of Friends for a week.


What steps could help me live as I believe?


What are we doing as a meeting to communicate our presence and principles to the community around us?  Does our meeting's ministry of outreach lead Friends to share their spiritual experiences with others?   - From Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Fait


How am I attentive to my own healing (wounds/hurts/illnesses)?   How do I share my journey and insights with others to help them heal?


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570 West Rocky River Rd
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First Day (Sunday)
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First Day School - 10:15 AM
Forum - 11:30 AM

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