Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

FGC Governance

At its heart, FGC is a member and volunteer led organization.

The way FGC operates is deeply rooted in the Quaker testimonies and based on Quaker practices.

We believe that through worship and openness to God’s will, the right focus and direction for the organization will emerge. Discernment is achieved through broad participation of Friends from around the country in a variety of committees.

Central to the governance of FGC is the Central Committee made up of approximately 120 Friends. The work of FGC is carried out by a variety of committees described in the attached document.

The Governance of FGC is defined in a document called the FGC Organizational Guide (formerly known as The Blue Book). Reading this guide is a wonderful and daunting way to learn about Quaker governance and practice. The FGC Organizational Guide is an extremely detailed effort to carefully define how FGC is governed and the responsibilities of staff and volunteers.

Read the FGC Organizational Guide.

One of the current goals of FGC is to open participation in committees and projects through the use of web based working groups. Please check the services opportunity section of the website to find opportunities to participate.

Learn more about FGC's Committees (PDF)

View our Executive Committee Members List (PDF)