Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

About FGC

With divine guidance, staff and volunteers provide services and resources for individual Quakers, Quaker meetings and people interested in the Quaker way. The work of FGC can be summarized into three areas of endeavor:

  • Help meetings deepen Quaker worship and practice 
  • Support a loving Quaker community
  • Support Quaker outreach

FGC is a volunteer led organization. These focus areas were determined by volunteers and documented in the organizational Minute of Purpose.


FGC is an association of regional Quaker organizations primarily in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1900, FGC has grown from a voluntary organization of seven yearly meetings, created to hold a “general conference” every other year, to an association of fourteen yearly meetings, supplemented with regional groups and individual meetings. FGC continues to sponsor an annual Gathering of Friends. See a list of affiliates and an historical list of the Gatherings below.


Consistent with Quaker testimonies and practices, FGC seeks to use resources effectively with a concern for simplicity and openness. FGC is funded through the support of Quaker meetings, individuals and foundations. FGC is a 501c3 organization. See the Stewardship page below.


FGC is governed consistently with Quaker practices. At the heart of the organization is the commitment of individuals, in community, to discern and act upon the will of the divine. The organizational structure and culture are described in more detail on the Governance page below.

Friends General Conference, with Divine guidance, nurtures the spiritual vitality of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) by providing programs and services for Friends, meetings, and seekers.

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Setting direction, and much of the work of FGC is done by volunteers. Clerks coordinate the work of committees. The following brief biographies introduce the volunteer clerks of major committees. The clerks are listed alphabetically.

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Friends General Conference is an association of fifteen yearly meetings or regional groups, and twelve directly affiliated monthly meetings.

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Over the next several months we will building and adding additional features and capabilities to the new FGC website.  One major feature will be a suite of tools to better support the work of central committee.  

At its heart, FGC is a member and volunteer led organization.

The way FGC operates is deeply rooted in the Quaker testimonies and based on Quaker practices.

Stewardship of Resources Staff and volunteers at FGC are deeply concerned about faithful and responsible stewardship of the resources that make the work of FGC possible. Our stewardship efforts have four components:

Yearly Meetings

    Alaska Friends Conference (250)
    Baltimore Yearly Meeting (4,746)
    Canadian Yearly Meeting (1,216)
    Illinois Yearly Meeting (1,212)

We envision a vital and growing Religious Society of Friends—a faith that deepens spiritually, welcomes newcomers, builds supportive and inclusive community, and provides loving service and witness in the world.