Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Resources and Materials

Brent Bill

Growing spiritually as a new meeting or worship group is vital.  You will find the following resources helpful as you look for ways to go deeper together.

Spiritual Growth
This section of “Power Tools” presents on-line resources that are in-depth explorations/explanations of a wide variety of topics that may be of use to Friends’ meetings, large and small, new and old. Their purpose is not just to provide “how to” guidance, but to make explicit the spiritual Truth underlying all that we do within the Quaker way. Reaffirming and intentionally trying to live into this underlying spiritual reality is the strength and attraction of the Religious Society of Friends.
Meeting Resource
In this series of ten short videos, Friends speak from their experience about their faith and Quaker practice.
Quakers Consider...
John Woolman
2014 FGC Gathering Theme : Let Love Be The First Motion

"Twelfth of sixth month being the first of the week and a rainy day, we continued in our tent, and I was led to think on the nature of the exercise which hath attended me.

Event Resource
Anthony Manousos

Called "the most remarkable Quaker couple since George Fox married Margaret Fell," Howard and Anna Brinton exemplified what it meant to be a committed Quaker couple in the twentieth century.

QuakerPress Publication
Janet Oshewsky

The tale of a Quaker farm boy caught up in the adventures and politics of Colonial Pennsylvania during the French and Indian Wars.

QuakerPress Publication