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Quaker worship groups and meetings are dynamic faith communities. It is wonderful that you are considering starting a worship group or meeting! Below is some information that will help you in this spiritual endeavor
Getting Started

These are some that we have found to work well in Junior Gathering Groups.
Obviously they are not all appropriate for all age groups.

Meeting Resource

Quakers are involved in a wide range of activities (stewardship of the earth, peace-making, publishing, and much more).  The links below will take you to organizations that your new worship group or meeting might like to learn more about -- or get involved with.

Meeting Resource
By Christie Duncan-Tessmer, shared with permission from Newtown Friends School
Children have the same need as adults for communion with God, Love, Joy, the Source. Children live from a place of connection--young children don't have boundaries between time for work, time for play, and time to be connected with the Divine. For them, work, play, and worship is all the same thing. This 9-page resource examines how worship can be integrated into the life of a classroom.

Worship is at the heart of the Quaker way.  Below are resources to help introduce newcomers to this vital spiritual experience.

Meeting Resource

Friends, as we live up to our name, want visitors to feel welcome. First, of course, it is necessary to know who is a newcomer. Various meetings have found other ways to identify and meet the needs of newcomers.  Below are some tools growing out of their experiences. 

Meeting Resource

Outreach and publicity are about sharing our spiritual search and insights with those who want to listen.

Meeting Resource

Quaker worship groups and meetings are dynamic faith communities.  It is wonderful that you are considering starting a worship group or meeting!  Below tools that will help you in this spiritual endeavor.

Meeting Resource

Companion in the ministry

The companion in the ministry is sometimes referred to as a spiritual companion or an elder.

Service Resource
By Steve Chase
In seven letters to a fictional correspondent, Steve Chase describes his spiritual journey among Friends. The writer, a member of the Quaker Quest travel team, introduces the Quaker way to a newcomer in language that is personal and gentle, while offering powerful inspiration through stories. Written as an invitation to inquirers, "Letters to a Fellow Seeker" will stimulate discussion among longtime Friends about how we experience and remain true to our Quaker faith.
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