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What do we believe?

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Membership or participation in our Meeting does not require adherence to a creed or statement of belief. In worship, Friends believe that each individual can commune with the divine without need of clergy or doctrine.  We have no professional clergy, and each person present is responsible for the quality of worship. 

The Religious Society of Friends is rooted in Christianity. Many Davis Friends consider themselves Christian and look for inspiration to the Bible. Friends also believe in the continuing revelation of the Spirit to seekers of truth. Many Friends find sustenance in personal experiences of truth and in the spiritual texts of other religions. We remain open to the truth in all its manifestations.  Friends adhere to “Testimonies” on integrity, unity, equality, simplicity, peace, and community. More information about Friends’ testimonies and practices can be found in Faith & Practice (Pacific Yearly Meeting, 2001). Copies are available in our Meetinghouse library and may be found online at