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We are an open, welcoming and affirming community of seekers. Our weekly, hour-long worship format is to wait in expectant silence, listening for the prompts of the Inner Teacher. Sometimes this guidance inspires us to certain action in our lives, and sometimes the guidance takes the form of a spoken "message" which is shared from the silence as ministry to one another. We engage in this mutual ministry without a pastor or sermon; instead, we manage the business of the meeting by rotating in service as Clerk, Recording Clerk, Treasurer, committee members, and coordinators.

We use Quaker traditions, practices and disciplines to nurture our transformation, which grounds our individual witness in the world, and inspires our meeting.

We share our gifts both individually and collectively with our local community as well as with wider networks of seekers.

We take joy in including and engaging our children and youth in our ongoing exploration of values, history and relationships.

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What's New

Follow the link below to learn the history of our Quarterly Meeting.


8/20 Worship CANCELLED: location is ground zero for eclipse festivities

Our Small Meeting Will Be Eclipsed in 2017 and 2024

The news for Carbondale is exciting: we're located within a couple of seconds of longest duration for the historic total solar eclipse due to occur Monday, August 21, 2017. NASA is teaming up with Southern Illinois University to create a major observation hub here on campus. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected in our rural college town. And we'll be right under another one in April of 2024.


SI Quaker Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business 2/26/17

Present: Michael B., Katie W., Maurine P., Jill A., Dawn C.

Dawn served as clerk in Tom's absence.

The Meeting opened with silence.


SI Quaker Meeting for Business 5/28/17

Present: Tom H., Ginny H., Michael B. Chris P., Jill A., Kathy C., Dennis H., Dawn C.


The meeting began with silence.


21. Treasurer's Report (as of 4/30/17



Worship with us!

Dayemi Family Center
214 E Jackson St
Carbondale, IL 62901
United States
Send Mail To:
PO Box 54
Carbondale, IL 62903-0054
United States
Meeting Times: 

We meet for worship Sundays at 10 AM. (CANCELLED on 8/20/2017)

Care and lessons are provided for children from 10:15 to 11:00 and during "second hour." (CANCELLED on 8/20/2017)

At 11 AM, please join us for potluck (first Sunday), singing (second Sunday), discussion (third Sunday), more discussion or meeting for worship and business (fourth Sunday), or more singing (fifth Sunday). (CANCELLED on 8/20/2017)

Visitors are most welcome!