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Ad Hoc Welcoming Committee

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Welcoming newcomers and everyone is a shared ministry by the entire community. This ministry offers love and acceptance to all who enter our worship space.

The welcoming committee has the following charges:

  • To implement and oversee a process whereby newcomers are welcomed on first day.
  • To make recommendations to business meeting about how we can be an authentic welcoming community. This would include considerations of:
    • How we make information available about ourselves on our website (or elsewhere) before someone comes to meeting
    • How we welcome people on First Day, and whether the information that is shared is inclusive, accessible and without jargon
    • How we reach out to people after their first or second visit to Meeting
    • How we invite people to participate in the life of the Meeting
    • How we get to know each other more deeply
    • How and whether our physical space is welcoming and accessible to all
    • How we can create a community where all are welcomed.