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As a facilitator for a Spiritual Deepening group, your leadership will help the others grow spiritually by offering the “container” through which group participants can deepen their relationship with Spirit. You will offer readings, exercises, and practices that encourage the group’s spiritual growth.  Leading a Spiritual Deepening group is a different role than teaching a class or chairing a meeting at your job, and this role may be new to you.

As a facilitator, you keep the group moving, and always toward its (not your) spiritual growth.  By listening, observing, and using your intuition, you are also aware of individual needs and desires.  While the group focuses on learning and sharing, you focus not only on the process but also the people.  In summary, as a small group leader, your goals are to initiate, sustain, and assess a group’s process so that it is spacious enough to allow the sharing of thoughts; to involve all participants and reaffirm their contributions; and to be attentive to the movement of Spirit.

We invite you to explore the following resources as you prepare to lead your small group sessions. These offer suggestions to help you be an open, confident, and grounded leader.

Training Resources:

Planning Spiritual Deepening Sessions

The Grounding, Sharing, and Practicing Process of Spiritual Deepening

How to Use Grounding Quotations

Choosing Materials and Structuring Sessions

The First Session

Video: Ten Ways to Go Deeper with Grounding Quotes (1 minute)

Leading Small Groups

The Spirit of Facilitation

Leading “Meetings for Learning”

Unpacking Quaker Jargon

Spiritual Deepening for Children

Using Picture Books for Spiritual Deepening with Children (and Adults!)

Using Wondering Questions with Children and Adults

Planning Intergenerational Activities

Additional Resources for Spiritual Deepening with Children

Creating an Inclusive Space

Recognizing the Religious Society of Friends is Multicultural and Multiracial

Cultivating Diverse Community

Recognizing how White Supremacy Shapes Our Community

Remaining Open to Conflict


How Are We Called to Action?

On Getting Things “Right” 


Spiritual Deepening Facilitator Training Task Group: April Allison (LEYM), Casey Kashnig (ILYM), Gita Larson (SAYMA),  and Liz Wolff (SCYM) 

Materials for Children: Anne Collins (SCYM), Sally Farneth (PhYM), Susan Hopkins (PacYM), and Erika Mittag (SCYM) 

Creating an Inclusive Space: Lena Glickman, Quaker Voluntary Service Ministry on Racism Support Specialist


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