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Recent Updates on the Quaker Cloud

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The development team has been working hard over the past month to enhance your Quaker Cloud experience. Here are a few highlights of the bugs and user requests that have been implemented:

  • Tested if Tags were working properly, and they are now
  • Fixed bugs when deleting/editing posts. Please send me a case if you still have any issues with this
  • Fixed the hamburger menu on mobile
  • Admins of multiple meetings can now clone a post from one meeting to another
  • Added a Forgot Password link on the each meeting's login page
  • Bullets now appear when using the "Create a bulleted list" option in the sidebar box
  • Created a "Featured" section in News, Events & Resources so you can keep your most important posts at the top of the page
  • Contributor & Recording Clerk permissions got switched, so we fixed themĀ 
  • A simple method for administrators to add multiple members to the meeting and to the multiple committee pages. This is a big deal and time saver for all! When you go to "Add people" enter email addresses one per line. If they do not have an account it will create one for them, and generate an email to the new user. If they already have an account, they will be added to your meeting. Check this out today :)

Thanks to you all for your suggestions on how we can improve the Quaker Cloud.