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Quaker Cloud Admins


This is a site for the community of admins for the Quaker Cloud to:

  • Get help
  • Support
  • Learning resources

If you would like to become a member and gain access to this information, email: [email protected].

If you would like to join a richer discussion and connect with other Quaker Cloud Admins feel free to join our support group on Google+.

What's New

After a few discussions and suggestions from multiple meetings, the Development Team and I reached a solution. Many of you wanted your Member Directory button removed from the homepage. We couldn't remove it completely without affecting all sites, but we were able to make it an option.  The check box is on the Edit tab on all homepages now. Check it out, or not! 


Thanks to all who have let us know that Google Maps haven't been loading correctly on your sites. After further investigation, we have discovered there was a change from Google Maps on 9/16 that doesn't allow users to use the maps as before.


Hello Friends,

As FGC approaches the invoicing process, it would be most helpful that we have your correct billing information. Could you kindly take a few moments to check your QC sites, and Quaker Finders for accurate information? You are able to edit your mailing info on your QC site, but any changes to the Finders are done here.

Thanks so much!



Hi Friends!

There was a bug with the Password Recovery process. Development was able to fix it quickly.

Please let me know if you run across any issues around this procedure.

Thanks, Richelle


I created a new, repeating event that unfortunately had a few errors. When I attempt to edit or delete the event post, I get an error message that says "The alias is already in use". Can you help?




Hello Friends,

We've heard from multiple meetings that you want to add videos to your pages. Now you can embed videos in About/Cloud Pages, News/Cloud Announcements, and Events/Cloud Event pages/posts. Give it a try!

Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.

Have a good day!



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