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This is a site for the community of admins for the Quaker Cloud to:

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If you would like to become a member and gain access to this information, email: [email protected].

If you would like to join a richer discussion and connect with other Quaker Cloud Admins feel free to join our support group on Google+.

The new Quaker Cloud Manual is here!  Find it under Featured Items!

What's New

As you know, the Quaker Cloud enables local meeting members and attenders to have different roles.  But we haven't had a handy definition for what those roles are and the differences between them.  Here's a quick guide!


A lot has been happening with the Quaker Cloud lately.  Here's the latest news about what's going on with our web-based tool for meetings.

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We've been busy here at the Quaker Cloud!  Here are some updates we want to share with you.  If you did not receive an email from us about these things we might not be able to reach you for some reason.  Contact [email protected]


Most of our Quaker Cloud meetings come up at the top of Google searches, but sometimes meeting websites need a little bit of help.  If your meeting does not come up to the top of your search, here are a few things to try:


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