Quaker Cloud Admins


This is a site for the community of admins for the Quaker Cloud to:

  • Get help
  • Support
  • Learning resources

If you would like to become a member and gain access to this information, email: [email protected].

If you would like to join a richer discussion and connect with other Quaker Cloud Admins feel free to join our support group on Google+.

What's New

Here are the latest of updates the development team has implemented to make your QC site look better:


- You can now upload files, videos, and links to your Events (WOW)
- You can add bold formatting to your headers in your bodies of text on your homepage or posts
- You can also add horizontal lines to your bodies to enhance the appearance and separate your paragraphs


We've heard from many of you that password reset emails, and new member request emails were not being received. This issue has been resolved now :)


Thanks to a user suggestion, you can now search your member list by first name, last name, or email address. Before you could only search by user id, which was information not easily known to admins, so this function was not very user friendly.

Have a good day, friends!


Thanks to a user request, events on your "Events" page are now listed in reverse sort order, and show only events from the current date forward. But all of your past events will be kept in the right sidebar box indefinitely.


The development team has been working hard over the past month to enhance your Quaker Cloud experience. Here are a few highlights of the bugs and user requests that have been implemented:


Hello Friends --

Just a reminder that beginning October 1, 2017 (FGC's new fiscal year) the Quaker Cloud rates are increasing --

                                                                                     Paid annually      Setup fee
Meetings with fewer than 50 members and attenders    $150/year    None
Meetings with 50 or more members and attenders    $300/year    None


Worship with us!

215.561.1700 x3055