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How to Use This Website

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Finding things:

  • Click “About” in the blue menu across the top to get to more pages, including Committees, Sessions, Youth Programs, Publications, etc.
  • Type a word or phrase in the Search box on the blue menu to find posts (items) containing those words.
  • “What’s New” items are arranged on the home page with the most recent posts on top, except for Featured posts which stay at the top. Click on News, Events, or Resources (and submenus Documents or Minutes) to view only those types of posts.
  • Look for links (in blue) to related items on all pages, and within the text.

Member and Attender log-in:

Some items, such as newsletters, meeting minutes, and clerk and committee member names and contact information, are only visible when logged in. You may already have a login if you have ever corresponded with FGC. But you will still need to request access to the Northern Yearly Meeting site.

On the Northern Yearly Meeting website, click “Sign Up for Online Meeting Access” above the blue menu bar.

  • Enter your e-mail and FGC password if you know it.
  • If you don’t know your password or you’re not sure if you have an account with FGC, go to Fill out the form and click “E-mail new password.” If you don’t have an account you’ll get an error message saying that. Otherwise check your email and click one of the links to reset your password. Go back to the Madison Friends Meeting website and click “Sign Up for Online Meeting Access” and log in.
  • If you don’t have an account, click “Sign Up for Online Meeting Access” and then “Create One Now,” enter your information and preferences, and click “Create new account.”
  • Your request must be approved. The NYM Web Clerk should receive an email asking to approve your request, a simple process. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you don’t hear anything within a few days, or if you need access right away. If the Web Clerk does not recognize you they may contact you for more details. Please don’t take it personally – we are a large Meeting!

Committee Sites

Your committee may have a dedicated site for committee work and archives, which is available only to members of your committee. You will need a log in to the NYM site, and also be added to your committee site by whomever is administering users for that committee.

Log in to the NYM website and click your name at the very top right. You will see a list of sites for which you have access. Click the committee site and voila, there you are!

To move between the main NYM site and a committee site, click your name at the top right of the screen again, and click the links.

More Information or to Submit an item for the Website

Contact the NYM Web Clerk ([email protected]) if you have an announcement or event to post, or to learn more about using the website to enhance your committee’s work.