Penn Valley Friends

We’d love to have you join us for worship. The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is not a closed community but a group of seekers like you.
Penn Valley Friends Meeting is an “unprogrammed Meeting.” The Quaker worshipping community has traditionally been called a Meeting for Worship. The worship is “unprogrammed” because there is no order of service and we have no pastor or minister. These are practices that follow from the convictions of those who founded the Religious Society of Friends in the seventeenth century.
What to Expect in Worship:
As an unprogrammed meeting of Quakers, Friends worship in silence. As 10 am approaches, conversation dies down and Friends settle into silence. As we gather in silence, we wait expectantly for the leading of the Spirit. Speaking in Meeting is unprogrammed.  Anyone who feels led by the Inner Light to express a message shares that inspiration. Friends believe that every person can have a direct experience of the Divine without human intermediaries.
Sometimes the time for worship may pass completely in contemplative silence. At other times, several people may speak for a few minutes.
During the last ten minutes of worship, Friends (including you) are encouraged to share joys, sorrows, and concerns in a spirit of worship.
We break meeting by shaking hands and greeting those around us. Then a Friend will lead us through introductions and announcements. We go around the room, sharing our names and any announcements we have. If it is your first time at meeting, we’d love to hear you say a few words about who you are.

What's New

To give you a taste of what being Quaker means, we are sharing some videos from Quakerspeak--and elsewhere.  Feel free to listen to the voices of Quakers from throughout the larger community.  Enjoy!!

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"In June of 2013, at age 90, I was asked to have a discussion with the children who attend Penn Valley Meeting of Friends (Quaker) in Kansas City, Missouri, about why I refused to register for conscription in World War II.


Penn Valley Friends follow the guidance provided by the Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) in its Faith & Practice Publication.  See link below.


Worship with us!

(816) 398-1934
Penn Valley Friends Meeting
4405 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64110
United States
Meeting Times: 
Meeting for Worship: 10am-11am, First Days (Sunday)
Fellowship: 11am-11:30am
After Meeting Program: 11:30-12:30