Letter from Capital Campaign team

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Dear Mountain View Friends Meeting Community -

Members of the Capital Campaign team have been listening hard to voices in our community. What we have heard is that most people would like to have a sabbatical from discussion about the future of the Meeting House beyond what is needed to support the agreed-upon revitalization work on the exterior and interior of the building that Paul Motz-Storey is currently leading. For details on this work, please see tinyurl.com/renewmtnview

The Extended Design Team has estimated that we will need $300,000 to complete the current work. In phase one of the Capital Campaign (September 2014 - January 2015), thanks to many generous individuals and families, the community raised $200,000 for the future of our Meeting House. We have also received a pledge to match funds of up to $200,000 in additional fundraising. Therefore, in the coming months, $50,000 needs to be raised from our community, which will be matched by $50,000.

We have already begun to receive donations and pledges to support that work, and ongoing dedicated monthly donations have been coming in from several members of our community for the last 18 months.

We are therefore initiating a Quiet Campaign. We will not be burdening community members with training or visits, and we will not be making loud calls for pledges. We will rely on members of the community to step forward, now that we have come to a decision on what to do to improve our worship and community space. We have faith that this calm approach will be sufficient to meet our current goal, and we feel that this simple solution allows us to act in integrity with the current desires of the community, not to raise more money than we need at this time.

Perhaps you are one of the people who when visited in phase one of the campaign, told us you would donate when the Meeting decided what we are doing. That moment has arrived. Or perhaps you weren’t visited during phase one, or have joined our community since then, and would like to donate now.

We recognize that for some members of this community, monetary donations are not possible at this time. We appreciate those who have signed up to give of their time and labor to support the project. If you have not done so, you can go to tinyurl.com/buildmtnview

To participate in this quiet phase two, please give a check to any of us ( Brenda Stokes, Judith Streit, or Polly Washburn). You can also put a check in the Treasurer’s box, but please be sure to mark the notes section as “Capital Campaign”. If you would prefer to donate monthly, please click here or below to download the form, fill it out and put it in the box at the back of the Meeting House. Printed forms are also available with the box.

Working with the Construction Coordination Campaign, we will update you in the coming months as to how money is being used from the Capital Campaign to improve our space, as well as the sum of new donations we have received in this Phase Two of the campaign.

Thank you to all who have already supported the revitalization project in so many ways -

Brenda Stokes, Judith Streit and Polly Washburn