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Egg Hunt!

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Susan writes:

First Day School committee has hidden 28 plastic eggs is the side yard of the meeting house where we enter for worship. Turns out all our big eggs have holes manufactured into them, so those are in plastic sandwich bags to withhold April showers. Small eggs are not in baggies. None of the eggs are in places where the grass will be cut. Most of the eggs are pastel and egg-shaped, but about 8 of them are Star Wars shapes (once purchased for an avid Star Wars fan).

This is one step up from a virtual egg hunt. as there is no candy in the eggs. Instead we filled them with spring poems, sayings written and pictures drawn by the children Denny sits for, thumbprint bunnies, flowers, etc. that Susan and her granddaughter made, and miscellaneous stickers, and origami. Mainly all this is meant to be enjoyed by Memphis Friends and most is meant to be left behind to be discovered by someone else, but should you be accompanied by children who desire to keep something go ahead and take something home. Let us know what we might need to replace.

This could also be an opportunity to serve the meeting and the community with a trash pickup or other work on the grounds. We noticed quite a bit of trash while hiding the eggs. We left 6 Easter baskets in the hallway entrance that can be used to gather the eggs. And we will leave paper bags there, too, for trash pickup.