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April Newsletter - A Sampling

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FCNL Priorities for the New Congress

The challenges of 2020 are reflected directly in the priorities Friends Committee on National Legislation set for 2021. Priority setting is done every two years with input from Monthly meetings. Happily the new administration has begun addressing these issues.

Alleviate hardship for millions of struggling families
• Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.
• Prevent emergency nutrition, housing, and unemployment assistance benefits from expiring during the pandemic.

Repeal harmful immigration policies
• Grant DACA and TPS residents both legal status and a path to U.S. citizenship.
• Reinstate protections for asylum seekers, including those fleeing gender-based violence.
• Take legislative action prohibiting travel bans like the Muslim travel ban.

Address systemic racism and state sanctioned violence
• Pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
• Suspend the program which is transferring military grade weapons to local police.

Restore U.S. partnership with the global community
• Reinstate the Iran nuclear deal
• Rejoin the UN Human Rights Council and UNESCO
• Build on the extension of a new START treaty by reducing funding for new nuclear weapons

Promote international peacebuilding, reduce militarism abroad and reduce Pentagon spending.
• End U.S. support for the war in Yemen.
• Repeal the blank check for endless war.
• Reduce and repair harms to civilians.
• Eliminate funding for nuclear modernization.

Restore protections and address climate change
• Reduce emissions through a price on carbon.
• Prioritize environmental justice for marginalized communities.