Greenleaf Weekly Friends Meeting

Good day Friends,

2019 Season Starting April 21st!!!

Please Note Our Number is 740-403-5579

Greenleaf Weekly Outdoor Meeting - 

It has been a great winter, not only in the Hands of Hope partnership with Trinity Episcopal, but in the other small mission work about! We have made some great friends, had some great laughs, and now it's time to look forward to the Outdoor Meetings! :D

Friends, if you find yourself in the Newark Area on a First Day plan a visit. We are Christ centered Quakers, but of course any visitor is welcome regardless of faith.

Our meetings are outside in a small cove away from the world, with a 10min walk to the meeting benches. Please try to leave attachments to the world behind, both physically & mentally.

Changes to Rain: Rain Days will be cancelled and we will put this extra time to mission work.  If you are visiting from a distance contact us ahead of time so to join us in mission work in the chance of a rainy day.

Pleace, Love, and Helping One Another. 
Greenleaf Weekly

For a brief introduction: We are a small family group of Friends and call our meeting Greenleaf Weekly.  We meet outdoors on our homestead 8:30am every first day.   When the seasons change towards winter until spring we use this time to help local homeless in the city in small mission work every weekend.  We are always invovled in some mission work.  We beleive missions & ministry are more important than meetings, so we ensure time and energy always goes to helping others before seeking our own desires.

Our meeting is unprogrammed, and is different than most meetings;  8:30am Fellowship & Sharing at the benches.  9:00am Silent Worship.  

We are not ADA accessable:  The meeting involves a walk across 10 acres to the outdoor benches, an upkept outside toilet (outhouse) can be found between the barns at the start of the path.

The morning typically lasts for a little over an hour.  Anyone is welcome of any faith or background.

More details to come as we get use to the Quaker Cloud, in the meantime if you would like to visit with us please contact us at [email protected] or on Facebook at

What's New

Good day Friends,

We thought to tell the tale of a small idea that God grew into something quite large.  Having no local group in our town, we volunteered with a group in the big city in the winter assisting those on the streets.  Sadly after a few years of growth, 501c, and control<?, the group was 5x larger but had 1/5th the impact.  What started as a grassroots mission become a business....


Worship with us!

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Greenleaf Weekly Outdoor Meeting
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